Welcome to the Rural Contractors New Zealand

Rural Contractors New Zealand (RCNZ) is the only national association and the leading advocate for rural contractors in New Zealand. 

We represent the interests of contractors engaged in a wide range of activities such as:

  • Land development                           
  • Drainage                                             
  • Fencing
  • Cultivation and planting                 
  • Harvesting of crops                                    
  • Highway vegetation control and maintenance
  • Parks, reserves and landscaping
  • Chemical application
  • Sheep dipping 
  • Direct drilling

RCNZ monitors central and local government policies, plans and proposals on behalf of our membership.  We also maintain close relations – and lobby on behalf of our members – with a wide number of organisations, government departments and other national bodies.

RCNZ’s governance consists of a national board, made up of the four zones.  Operating via a constitution, the RCNZ board comprises 8 members – who are elected annually. The country is divided into four Zones and each Zone elects two Board Members by postal ballot. 

RCNZ employs a permanent, part-time chief executive based in Wellington – close to Government and other organisations where a close liaison is maintained.

frontpage-5 Allied Petroleum are a preferred bulk fuel supplier to Rural Contractors.
Rural Contractors New Zealand is an Affillated Member of Federated Farmers.
frontpage-3 Rural Contractors Insurance New Zealand provides a full range of insurance products for the rural contractor.
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